Object PropertiesΒΆ


shows the properties of object x. (“Properties” here is generic language for “values” or “attributes” associated with an object, and isn’t used in the technical sense of Python properties.) Properties will be listed alphabetically, but with those starting with underscores (_), usually indicating “private” data, sorted after those that are conventionally considered public.

If x has real @property members, those too displayed. However, other class attributes that x rightfully inherits, but that are not directly present in the x instance, will not be displayed.

An optional second parameter can determine which properties are shown. E.g.:

show.props(x, 'name,age')

Or if you prefer the keyword syntax, this is equivalent to:

show(x, props='name,age')

Or if you’d like all properties except a few:

show.props(x, omit='description blurb')